Tracer Advance Slim Implanter

The Tracer Advance Slim Microchip

High performance technology and service

Each Tracer Advance microchip is fully encapsulated in a bio-compatible polymer tube and pre-loaded into a disposable implanter, sterilised and individually packed with the adhesive bar-coded labels needed to complete the registration.

10 x stronger, 12% lighter

A study has shown that the Bio-Polymer material, Vectra A530®, is 10 x stronger than glass when put under pressure and is 12% lighter than glass. Although reports on microchip breakage are rare, it is an important scientific development that gives you and your clients extra peace of mind and reassurance.

Features of the Tracer Advance system

  • Microchip size is reduced by 25%†
  • Microchip weight is reduced by 50%†
  • Needle dimension is reduced by 20%†
  • The implanter has a detachable needle for easier and more cost effective sharps disposal
  • Fully encapsulated bio-polymer microchip: 10x stronger than glass and less likely to shatter
  • Pre-loaded sterile implanter with no-return click system

† Compared to the previous standard Tracer Advance product