Online Registration

The Online Registration system ensures that your clients’ microchip registration information arrives with the Petlog database as quickly as possible. The easy-to-use system guides the user through each stage of the registration process and on completion, the data is sent straight to Petlog.

Please ensure you record an email address for your client with Petlog to ensure they receive confirmation of registration as quickly as possible.

To complete Online Microchip Recording, your Practice must purchase the Tracer Advance Slim Online Recording pack. Please speak to your Bayer Veterinary Business Manager for further information.

Start online recording

Track Back

Track Back Forms are no longer included in the Tracer Advance Online Recording pack.

The Track Back Forms previously assisted with the reunification of lost pets to owners where the details had not been registered with PetLog. However, we are now able to obtain this information without the need of paper Track Back Forms.

If you do have any Track Back Forms, there is no requirement now to return these to Bayer.

Inside the Online Recording Pack

Tracer Advance Slim Online Registration Pack:

  • 10 x Implants
  • 10 x Client leaflets containing information about Petlog and PetPlan
  • 10 x Pet Information Cards and Key Fob
  • 1 x Online Registration Instructions