Implantation Guide: Reptiles

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For reptiles, it is recommended that all needle entry sites are sealed with tissue glue. Implant hibernating species several weeks before the end of their active season, to allow healing before hibernation.

Chelonians - tortoises, turtles, terrapins

Implant the microchip subcutaneously in the left hind leg, or intramuscularly in thin-skinned species. For giant species, implant subcutaneously in the tarsal area. Chelonians should not be microchipped until the plastron measures at least 100mm in length.


Inject the chip anterior to the nuchal cluster.


For most species, implant the chip in the left quadriceps muscle, or subcutaneously over this area. For very small lizards, implant it subcutaneously on the left hand side of the body.


Implant the microchip in the left nape of the neck, subcutaneously at twice the length of the head from the tip of the nose.