“...managed to scan Claude for his microchip and got all our contact details ...”

Claude's Story

We got Claude from the Cat’s Protection in 2001. He stayed with us until June 2007 and then went missing. We were heart broken, we thought he must have been run over as he was so loving to us we thought he would never go and live with another family.

In February 2009 we were due to move to a new build home and I used to check on the progress of the house whilst the builders were working on it. I turned up one day and Claude was sat on the drive. He knew me instantly. I was amazed! He lived with us for 4 months (very happily) and then went again. In my heart I did not think he had passed away, I knew he had just disappeared again.

That was in June 2009. Then in August 2013 I got the call a welfare organisation had managed to scan Claude for his microchip and got all our contact details from Petlog. They told us Claude had been found and was alive and well and living on the local tip!

We could not believe it. We went to the tip and were told Claude had lived there for 12 months but he was scared of all people and would spit at them. My husband called him and he came over to us straight away - as he got closer he became all excited and started kneading the grass. I went over and picked him up. The men who worked on the tip couldn’t believe how nice he was to us.

We brought him home, he looked older (he is 12 now) and he spends all his time asleep. We have another cat called Archie who is 2 and he has been brilliant at accepting Claude into his home (Claude is narky towards Archie but Archie is very placid and doesn’t care).

We are so happy Claude has returned. He has always been part of our family and always will be (despite spending almost half of his life living elsewhere!).

I hope this gives other people who have lost their cats hope! They can turn up in the most unexpected of places!

If it wasn’t for his microchip we would never have been contacted and Claude would not be with us again now. Thank you to everyone for all their efforts in returning him to us.

Jasper’s story

I moved to Newbury in June 2007 and brought down my two seven year old brother and sister cats. I chose to live out in the sticks to keep them safe on the roads as they didn’t have much road sense. We then had the floods in July and, during one night of heavy rain, my male ginger cat Jasper disappeared.

I tried to look for him in a two mile radius and put up pictures but heard nothing for four weeks.

Then one Sunday, I had a call from a local vet practice who said that Jasper had been brought in by someone who thought he might have been micro-chipped, which he was. (it is a Bayer microchip). The people who returned him had seen him at their house which is four miles cross country from me.

They initially saw him about one week after he went missing -their male cat had let my cat eat its food which was very unusual; that’s why they noticed Jasper. They then went on holiday for two weeks and when they came back they had a BBQ and Jasper re-appeared, begging and looking considerably more emaciated. They then asked all locals if he belonged to them and they all said they had seen him around, but to leave him alone as he would find his own way back (which obviously he wouldn’t have done since he had already had three weeks to do so!).

As their own cat was chipped, they decided to take Jasper to the vets to see if they could find his owner - this was very fortunate for me as by then I never expected to see him again. I brought him back home and the ungrateful cat sat in the window trying his best to get out and his sister was unimpressed by her brother’s return!

Anyway, he eventually settled down again and became a bit of a ‘Garfield’ - his experience had obviously had some impact on him as he never goes that far and is now a bit more of an observer rather than an explorer!