Welcome to Tracerpets - the online registration portal for Tracer Advance

To register a microchip, please follow these steps:

1.  Login to the Petlog system by ticking the 'Authorisation' box at the bottom of the page.
2.  A 'Register Now' box will appear which you should click to take you to the Petlog login page.
3.  Enter your Username and Password.  If you have not used the system before, click on 'Request a new account' to get a Username and Password from Petlog.
4.  The registration process will now begin.

Please note that for every new owner (not pet), you will be re-directed back to this authorisation page.  You will need to click the 'Authorisation' box again to continue.

5.  Before registering your clients details online, please ensure that you have read them the following statement:

Your personal details will be passed to Pet Plan Limited for the purpose of administering your 4 weeks' free Petplan insurance and for keeping you informed of other products they may offer.  In doing so your personal details will be stored on computer and may be transferred to countries outside the EEA. They will at all times be held securely and handled with the utmost care in accordance with the principles of the laws in England and Wales.
You hereby confirm that you are the owner/authorised representative of the owner of the animal and are 18 years old or over. You also confirm that all the information given on this form is full and accurate to the best of your knowledge and belief.  You understand this information will be kept by Bayer plc/Petlog as well as Pet Plan Limited and agree that it may be disclosed to anyone in securing the animal’s welfare as well as to help prevent fraud. You understand that you will receive an email at the address supplied as part of this registration which will include information about Bayer’s insurance services, the 4 weeks' free insurance Policy Summary and the 4 weeks' free Terms and Conditions. If you cannot receive email, you understand you can find a copy of these documents at


Authorisation. I confirm the above statements have been read to my client and that the client agrees to them.

The authorisation box must be ticked before you can progress to the next page.

Petlog helpline

Petlog helpline

If you have trouble following the instructions on the left, you can contact...

Petlog helpline

0844 463 3999 or visit website

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