About Petlog

Petlog is the UK's largest lost and found database for microchipped pets.

Over seven million pet owners trust Petlog to help reunite them with their lost pets.  If your pet ever goes missing, Petlog gives you the best chance of finding it.

Petlog reassurances at a glance:

•    Petlog is the UK’s largest lost and found database for microchipped pets.
•    The Petlog customer care line is open 24/7 365 days a year and is based in the UK – that means it’s always easy to contact us.
•    Petlog is the only UK database that is linked to Europetnet (EPN) a network of European databases linked together, giving you the best chance of finding your pet wherever it is lost.
•    Petlog is a not for profit organisation, which defers income to protect their lifetime promise and is managed by the Kennel Club.
•    Each year, on average, an additional 500,000 new owners recognise the importance of having their pet permanently identified with a microchip and choose Petlog membership.
•    An average of 90,000 calls are received by Petlog every year from vets, animal wardens, local authorities, rescue centres, police and owners.
•    The Petlog customer care team works in partnership with the industry to assist 24/7 - even if a pet were to go missing within hours of being microchipped, Petlog will be able to trace the necessary information to assist reunification.
•    Should you need to make any changes to your contact details, you can do so for a one off lifetime fee of just £15.  This payment also includes the upgrade to Petlog Premium which offers unlimited lifetime changes and a host of other benefits.

All animals microchipped with Tracer are automatically registered with Petlog. If you are interested in upgrading to Petlog Premium, please click on the link below.